Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS)


CHAMPS LOGOChild Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) works to save children’s lives by collecting, analyzing, and sharing accurate, timely data about the causes of child mortality in the regions where it is highest. CHAMPS envisions a world where evidence-based interventions offer every child an equal chance to thrive. CHAMPS transforms data into action, working at the local, national and global levels to ensure sustainable changes in policies, systems, and health interventions to accelerate improvements in child health. Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance collects, analyzes and shares evidence to prevent child mortality in regions where it is highest.


CHAMPS share our findings with communities, public health officials and families, giving parents the answers they need and informing immediate public health actions.


CHAMPS partner with national public health institutes and ministries of health to use CHAMPS data to influence country-led, evidence-based policy, interventions, and resource allocation.

Data for the Future

CHAMPS is working to create a world where all children are able to thrive. Using minimally invasive tissue sampling, histopathology, molecular and microbiologic diagnostics, clinical data abstraction, and verbal autopsies, CHAMPS’ global network identifies and analyzes specific causes of stillbirth and death in children under five and shares that data to drive life-saving interventions.