Research Assistants with an opportunity to undertake a PhD

Submitted bybjibendi onThu, 02/18/2021 - 15:38
Hararghe Health Research Partnership (HHR) is a collaboration between Haramaya University (HU) and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to advance Health Sciences research by strengthening capacity in research and surveillance, ensuring best practice in research and informing health policy in maternal and child health in Ethiopia. CHAMPS Ethiopia will support six full-time PhD students, who will have the opportunity to register at the LSHTM. The students will be recruited in two cohorts of three students each, one year apart. The studentships are open to any Ethiopian with the appropriate educational achievements however, 2 of the 6 studentships are reserved for graduates or academic staff of Haramaya University. The purpose of this research degree training is to develop the careers of Ethiopian scientists in the areas of research relevant to HHR. The studentships will focus on research on maternal and child health and will encompass several disciplines including epidemiology, social science, clinical research, pathology, bacteriology and molecular medicine.